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Adactus Housing Association, Beech Housing Association, Chorley Community Housing, Miles Platting


The members of the Adactus Group Structure provide a wide-range of rented properties and services for people over the age of 55.  We call these services Retirement Living.

This article provides an overview of the properties and services that are available for Retirement Living which in general fall into three categories:

  • Properties with a medical alert service.
  • Properties with a scheme co-ordinator, care plan and medical alert service (sometimes called sheltered housing).
  • Properties with an extra care service.

To find out how to rent a Retirement Living property, please read our information article about Lettings.

Location of Retirement Living schemes

The location of our Retirement Living schemes and the services they provide to tenants are shown on the map below.  Click on the map for details of the services offered at each scheme:

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Properties with a medical alert service

We manage over 600 properties that are designed to give older residents and their friends and family peace of mind that in a medical emergency the tenant can easily call for help.

These properties are usually designed with integrated emergency alarm systems that can be triggered by the tenant pulling a cord in their home or pressing a pendant that they can choose to wear.

On triggering an alarm a voice connection is made to our telecare partners, Senior Link Eldercare, who will identify the nature of the emergency and make arrangements with the emergency services and family members to ensure that appropriate help is on its way.

This service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Properties with a scheme manager

We manage over 1,200 properties that are designed to take the security offered by the medical alert service and add to this with daily contact from our scheme co-ordinators.

Our scheme co-ordinators work with tenants to produce tailored support plans with the aim of helping residents live as independent a life as possible.  Support plans are reviewed every six months or more frequently if needed.

These properties provide the security of daily contact with staff, a call system for use in emergencies, repairs completed for you, and gardens that are tended to.

In general they provide the following facilities:

  • Private flat with own front door
  • Emergency call system
  • Laundry facilities
  • Guest flat
  • Communal lounge
  • Scheme co-ordinator

Extra care services

We manage three Extra Care schemes in Manchester and two in Wigan.

Extra Care schemes differ to sheltered housing in that each scheme has a care provider available to residents 24 hours a day, usually on site.

In general extra care schemes provide the following facilities:

  • 24 hour health care available
  • Emergency call system
  • Private flat with own front door
  • Laundry facilities
  • Guest flat
  • Communal lounge
  • Scheme co-ordinator
  • A three course lunch is provided daily at two of the schemes in Wigan