Jigsaw Rewards Scrutiny Panel on ASB

On 29 July 2021, our Anti-Social Behavior (ASB) Scrutiny Panel met for the final time to discuss the findings of the previous meetings and look at the final recommendations for the report. The panel had the opportunity to discuss the recommendations made by the Chief Executive’s department and decide on any additional recommendations.

The final recommendations to be included were:

    1. Promote to tenants the benefits of mediation both by an independent professional and in-house staff and consider whether it’s feasible to make mediation a compulsory step in an anti-social behaviour case.
    2. Review the ASB case closure letter to clarify that a new case will be opened if a further incident is reported after a specified time.
    3. Consider amending the heading ‘Support’ within the ASB information on the Jigsaw website to ‘Supporting Complainants and Witnesses’ for easy reference for people searching what support is available to them should they make an ASB complaint.
    4. Promote the complainant’s right to request a ‘Community Trigger’ anti-social behaviour case review on the Jigsaw website.
    5. Give further consideration to the benefit of tools available and make more use of them such as; demotions, starter tenancy ends (s21 notices), and starter tenancy extensions.
    6. Given the current volume of low level noise related ASB cases (often little more than household noise) promote being a good neighbour/tolerance; it’s good to talk etc.
    7. Offer anonymised examples of satisfaction of the ASB service and feedback from customers on Jigsaw’s website.
    8. Give examples of successful outcomes and partnership working that Jigsaw achieve; offer case studies of enforcement action taken to show commitment to tackling ASB.

The full published notes from the meeting can be viewed here ASB Final Meeting Minutes

Our Chief Executives Department then worked on the final full report which can be accessed using the following link

ASB FINAL Scrutiny Report 2021

The recommendations will be forwarded to the Board along with a response from managers and will also be presented to the Risk and Audit Committee.

Look out for further details of this year’s scrutiny panel recruitment survey on the Jigsaw Rewards website.