Jigsaw Rewards Scrutiny – Income – Money Lost Through Void Work

Jigsaw Rewards Scrutiny – Income – Money Lost Through Void Work

At Jigsaw, we work together with residents to shape our priorities through an active consultation process via our Jigsaw Rewards scrutiny panel.

Our latest interim scrutiny panel took place on 09 November 2022 with residents from across the Group to discuss Income – Key risk – Money lost through properties undergoing void works.

Residents were able to come together and set some recommendations:

  • Align to Housemark definition of major and routine void, if there are plans to meet industry benchmarks in the future.
  • Regular management review of major voids or voids ‘at risk’ of becoming major to ensure sufficient progress is being made and/or to decide on further intervention.
  • Additional scrutiny in the void element and the void path to identify any areas of underperformance and/or delay which may contribute to void loss will be given further analysis by the individual department.
  • Where there may be low demand in a property type, we should consider incentive-based approaches to encourage faster lettings as opposed to extensive changes to services and/or properties to increase demand.

Our Chief Executive’s Department will now compile the final report and this will be ready for our final scrutiny meeting on 14 December 2022.

Scrutiny and Jigsaw Rewards have given our residents a genuine opportunity to have their say, as part of our work to help regenerate neighbourhoods and provide opportunities for our communities to thrive.

If you are a resident and would like to register for Jigsaw Rewards please visit our Rewards website