Hyde residents ready to recycle with app

Hyde residents ready to recycle with app

Our Neighbourhood Engagement Officer, Tanuja Patel, teamed up with Engagement Officers from TMBC  in Hyde recently to engage with people about recycling in the area as part of Recycling Week 2019.

Brown bins, recycling bags and goodies were handed out to members of the public as part of the engagement exercise. They also spoke to people regarding issues around fly tipping and unnecessary bins that need removing within the community.  The officers also recorded reports of concern from residents.

TMBC has created a Tameside bins app that provides useful information to our residents. You can find out which bins are emptied on which days, what to do if your bins are not emptied and how to report concerns and incidents of fly tipping. There is also a list of other concerns that can be reported. You can download the app here:

Public engagement was very positive on the day. It is now hoped the app will prove beneficial to our tenants in the area.