Digital accredited training for residents

Digital accredited training for residents

Our Neighbourhood Engagement team has been adapting to working from home during the lockdown, ensuring our residents can continue to access accredited training. Traditionally, the team delivered the Food Safety Level 2 in a group setting. However we can now offer this course digitally online, working in a new partnership with Highfield Learning located in Yorkshire. So far more than 20 people have enrolled to take the course, which they can complete on a computer or tablet to gain the nationally recognised qualification. We have also offered this training to food banks and
voluntary organisations alongside residents who were booked on the course at our offices.

The team is now exploring other online training opportunities that will benefit people’s future job prospects increasing their skills, knowledge and personal development.

If your paid job or volunteering role involves working with or around food, the law requires you to understand your food safety responsibilities. This is why food hygiene training is so important. Receiving training is an effective way to learn about food safety duties, which not only helps ensure that food is safe for customers, but also demonstrates compliance with the law. This
strand of our work links into the commitments of our group-wide neighbourhood plans.

If you want more information on the current and future plans for resident training, please contact The Neighbourhood Engagement team. Email and we will get back to you.