Jigsaw Group help ‘Beat the January Blues’

Jigsaw Group help ‘Beat the January Blues’

Jigsaw Group has teamed up with Lane End New Beginnings to co-fund the Intact Centre’s ‘Beat the January Blues’ project.

The Intact Centre, based in Preston, is a hub for the local community with many fantastic services. This includes job search support, a community café, health and wellbeing activities, a food pantry and training, as well as volunteering opportunities.

Evidence shows that less daylight hours during the winter months, cold weather and budgeting after the festive period can cause feelings of social isolation. This makes these months the most challenging of the year for lots of people.

The ‘Beat the January Blues’ project will start this month and run until June 2020 with a schedule of bi-weekly activities for local people of all ages. The activities will encourage everyone to make new friends and try different things. Using the themes of nature, health, socialising and crafts, the activities will be diverse to cater for all tastes. You can find out more about the activities on offer by visiting Intact’s Facebook page.

Lane End New Beginnings is a social enterprise established by the Lane End Group who we work with to deliver some of our new homes.  We are currently working together on a development close to the Intact Centre; our partnership is key to help engage with the local community.