Rechargeable repairs

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In the case of accidental damage, Jigsaw will consider the circumstance in deciding the level of charge that is appropriate.

When a tenant reports a repair, our trained staff will use appropriate diagnosis to determine whether or not the repair has been caused as a result of tenant damage or negligence. If a repair is deemed rechargeable, the tenant will be expected to pay the full amount prior to the repair being authorised. If this is not possible then an agreement will be made to pay in instalments, with a minimum of 30% of the recharge cost paid as a deposit.

If a potential recharge situation poses an immediate risk to the tenant, general public or building structure, Jigsaw will undertake the repair to make safe within our specified timescale and regardless of whether any minimum recharge cost is paid upfront. Jigsaw will not attend to a rechargeable repair of a routine nature if the tenant refuses to pay the minimum recharge deposit.

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