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Jigsaw Homes North is the new name for Adactus Housing Association Limited.  Tracing our origins to 1964 as Family Housing Association (Manchester) Ltd, we are a Co-operative and Community Benefit Society and a housing association.

Adactus Housing Association Limited became Jigsaw Homes North on 17 February 2021.  The association is a member of the Jigsaw Homes Group.

Our history

Formed in 1964 by the Catholic Aid Society as Family Housing Association (Manchester) Ltd, the Association initially focused on addressing the problem of homeless families in Manchester with the support of grant funding from Shelter during the late 1960s.

The Association became a prominent housing association developer in Manchester and Trafford during the 1970s with a particular focus on the areas of Moss Side, Cheetham Hill and Old Trafford.  By the 1980s it had grown to become the largest Manchester-based housing association.

In 2002 the Association became a founder member of the Adactus Group Structure.  In 2004 it accepted a transfer of engagements from fellow group-member County Palatine Ltd extending its areas of operation into Lancashire and Sefton.

In 2005 the Association changed its name to Adactus Housing Association Ltd.

In 2007 the Association took on the management of 1,500 Manchester City Council owned properties under the Miles Platting PFI contract.

In 2008, the Association accepted a transfer of engagements from Neston and Parkgate Housing Society.  This included some 200 homes in Neston.

In 2009, the Association entered into a management agreement with Chorley Community Housing Ltd.  The agreement moved the management of some 1,800 AHA properties in Lancashire and Sefton to CCH.

In 2018 the Adactus Group merged with the New Charter Group and created the Jigsaw Homes Group Ltd.

In February 2021, the association changed its name to Jigsaw Homes North.

On 30 June 2021, Aksa Housing Association Limited and Beech Housing Association Limited merged (legally known as ‘transfer of engagements’) with Jigsaw Homes North.  Jigsaw Homes North took on the ownership and management of the c. 800 formerly Aksa Homes across Oldham, Bury, Manchester and Tameside along with all the homes formerly owned and/or managed by Beech.  Beech traces its origins back to 1983 and formerly a subsidiary of Family Housing Association (Manchester) Ltd.  The Association was specialising in the development and sale of shared ownership homes.


Jigsaw Group uses overlapped Boards to simplify its governance arrangements and to make the best use of the shared skill-set of our board members and directors.  Board meetings for organisations within the Group are held contemporaneously using overlapped meetings.  We subscribe to the 2015 edition of the National Housing Federation’s Code of Governance.

Jigsaw Homes North is governed by our Housing North Board.

Visit our governance page to find out more information on how we are run.


As a housing association, Jigsaw Homes North is regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing, which took on this function from the Homes and Communities Agency in January 2018.

Our work

Jigsaw Homes North draws on central services provided by the Jigsaw Homes Group.  These services include:

  • The Connect contact centre
  • Tenancy management
  • Income collection
  • Lettings
  • Development
  • Finance
  • IT

We retains a focus on neighbourhood investment and resident consultation.

Company registrations

Registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, no 16668R.

Registered with the Regulator of Social Housing, no LH0131

Registered Office:
Cavendish 249
Cavendish Street


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