Our performance

Financial Statements
Our Financial Statements set out a comprehensive account of our activities and provide an insight into the Group’s efforts to deliver on its strategic priorities.
Half year performance updates
Our six month trading updates highlight the Group’s operational and financial performance half way through the financial year.
ESG Report
As a housing association, environmental, social & governance considerations are at the heart of what we do.

As an early adopter of the standard, we hope to contribute to the improvement of transparency and consistency of esg reporting in the social housing sector as a whole.
Tenants' Annual Report
Through Jigsaw Rewards, our tenants have helped shape this report to include the information they would like to see. The report looks at our work and performance in areas such as new homes, neighbourhood plans, complaints, repairs and anti-social behaviour, as well as Jigsaw Rewards, Scrutiny and Jigsaw Foundation funding.
Pay Gap Report
As an employer we must report our Gender Pay Gap data for companies with a ‘headcount’ of 250 or more. This only applies to Jigsaw Homes Group. The date we carry out the calculations is April 5th, known as the ‘Snap shot date’.
Top 5 tenant KPIs
We monitor our performance on a quarterly basis using 42 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). We asked our tenants which of these KPI’s were most important to them and would like us to publish information.
Tenant Satisfaction Survey
The Regulator of Social Housing (rsh) will make it a requirement for landlords to undertake annual satisfaction surveys from the 2023/24 financial year onwards.

In August 2022 we undertook a Tenant Satisfaction Survey to test the Group’s ability to meet the likely new regulatory requirements, help uncover any difficulties with the process and identify further information requirements from the board of Jigsaw.