Food Club Gets a Spread of Funding

Food Club Gets a Spread of Funding

Mustard Tree Food Club was awarded £5,000 from Jigsaw Foundation to help provide food to residents in Miles Platting, allowing them to continually access affordable food.

The Food Club aims to reduce the financial pressures of the weekly shop for people who are struggling.

Residents can pay a small membership fee of £2.50 and receive around £14 worth of food ranging from meat, fish, vegetables and other staples.

From March 2021 to April 2022, 185 families from Jigsaw Homes accessed the service a total of 1,623 times, with many saying they felt in control of their own budget and spending.

Julie McGlynn, Jigsaw’s Neighbourhood Engagement Officer, said “Mustard Tree’s Food Club has helped our residents feel as though they are ‘giving something back’ and it has provided them with the dignity of choosing their own food. I am pleased that with the funding they can continue to provide much needed access to all of their services”.