Storm Ciarán – increased risk of surface water flooding.

Storm Ciarán – increased risk of surface water flooding.

Following the latest news reports, storm Ciarán is forecast to hit the UK on Wednesday night this week and start moving through the country over Thursday.

Due to recent heavy rainfall, the ground is already saturated increasing the risk of surface flooding.   Even homes that are not in an immediate risk of flooding can be affected by excessive rainfall and ‘Surface water’ build up.

There are precautions everyone can take to help be prepared.

Check for flood alerts or warnings in your area by visiting

Stay informed about the Government’s guidance, by visiting

Jigsaw Group is working with the Environment Agency who look out for and monitor potential flooding in the areas we have homes.  Where possible, we will continue to warn you if we know flooding is likely to happen in your area, so you can be prepared and take measures to keep safe.

For more information about being prepared for flooding, including advice on getting contents insurance, please visit