Our Long Term Plan: Where Are We Now? 

Jigsaw Homes has already started work on a number of long-term projects set out in our updated Corporate Plan, the ‘Blueprint for our Future’.

Following our ‘Jigsaw Conversation’ consultation with colleagues and residents, we prioritised four themes that we will focus our efforts around: ‘Building safety’, ‘Our homes and spaces’, ‘Our tenancy offer’ and ‘Our future development product.’

Here are some of the main priorities we are currently working on:

  • As part of our plan to become a zero carbon organisation by 2050, we started work to reduce carbon emissions from existing housing stock with our pilot programme in the Midlands and have installed 67 Air Source Heat Pumps and 112 solar PV panels so far.
  • Work will begin imminently on our net zero housing development of 131 with ilke Homes using modern methods of construction (MMC)
  • We have reviewed our external wall systems and have undertaken a Fire Doors programme – this will review and replace around 8,000 doors and 250 timber balconies over three years. In Tameside, 2000 doors have already been reviewed.
  • £1.5m has been set aside for estate improvement work until 2024.
  • We aim to deliver 3,500 new homes by 2026. This delivery is possible thanks to our recently issued £360 million Sustainability Bond.
  • We have introduced four wellbeing navigators and a hoarding specialist, as well as a tenancy sustainability pilot.
  • Over £90,000 has been set aside to convert bedsits into apartments, and we increased our hardship fund from £50,000 to £75,000.
  • A total 68 residents have already benefited from our carpet and furniture pilot, with plans to expand in 2023.
  • We will also continue to be open and transparent and aim to provide excellent customer service; understanding customer priorities and providing more funding for community projects through Jigsaw Foundation.

You can read more about how we will deliver our Blueprint for the Future over the next few years.