14-20 September marks Gas Safety Week

14-20 September marks Gas Safety Week

This week is Gas Safety Week and is a reminder of what steps we should be taking to make sure we are – and stay – gas safe. It is led by Gas Safety Register, the official gas registration body for the UK.

We want to make sure that as we head towards winter, we are servicing gas appliances in as many homes as possible.

Our role:

As your landlord, we are required by law to carry out a safety check on our gas fittings installed in your home. This includes things like central heating, boilers and gas fires.

To do this, we carry out an annual gas safety check or gas service using our registered Gas Safe engineers. The gas safety check usually takes around 20 minutes to complete with very little disruption to you.

We will notify you in writing when your gas safety check is due and arrange an appointment to complete the gas servicing.

So far this year we have carried out more than 17,500 gas safety services.

DON’T WORRY! You are in safe hands, all our maintenance operatives are:

– Gas Safe registered and will display their identification upon arrival.

Will discuss with you the circumstances of your household and work safely around you whilst maintaining Government Social Distancing guidelines at all times.

Will wear gloves and may wipe down the surfaces or object before and after their work.

Will leave your home and Gas appliances safe.

Help us to keep you safe:

You must allow us access to your home to complete your annual gas safety check.

Don’t try to do any gas related work or repairs yourself. Not only could you be breaking the law, but any work you carry out could be dangerous for you and your neighbours.

You can still report an emergency repair 24/7. An emergency repair is one that might result in harm to people or property if it’s not fixed quickly. Please phone us on 0300 111 1133.

What to do, and not do, if you smell gas

If you smell gas or suspect there’s a gas leak…


• Turn off the appliance you are using.

• Turn off the gas supply at the meter (unless the meter is located in a cellar or basement, in which case you should evacuate immediately).

• Check to see if a gas tap has been accidentally left on or if a pilot light has gone out.

• Open doors and windows to allow the gas to disperse.

• Call the National Grid immediately on 0800 111 999.


• Use or switch any electrical appliances on or off.

• Smoke, use matches or anything that has a naked flame.

• Use a mobile phone anywhere near the leak.